The review of the master’s thesis is an integral part of this project. This document is quite serious and is intended to ensure that the applicant’s degree has a review from more qualified people to his work. Thus, writing a review should be based on reliable data that reflect not only the essence of the work, but also the personal characteristics of the author of the master’s thesis. So, if you are reading the topic of this article, then you are probably interested in the question of how to write a review of a master’s thesis and why it is needed at all. Since the thesis already contains a rather large amount of information, various studies, applications, etc., one involuntarily wonders why it is necessary to include a review in this work.

In fact, this is a fairly simple question, which we will consider in this article.

Each research project, whether it is a Ph.D. or doctoral thesis, should include in its composition not only the abstract, which is required to study the very meaning of the work. There should always be a review in such projects. The fact is that this application reflects a certain assessment of the work done by the author. The review can also be briefly called a review of a thesis.

The review comprehensively includes in its composition an assessment of all the work carried out comprehensively. Also in this document should be a list of project compliance with certain requirements and standards. It is the review that serves to ensure that the members of the academic council have a definite opinion on what assessment the author of the dissertation is worth. This takes into account the indefinite, that is, an approximate assessment of the work, or a specific assessment may be indicated in the review. As soon as the candidate for a dissertation begins drafting his project, he is obliged to include an item on writing a review in the work plan. The entire project staffing is established by guidelines, which are considered mandatory to comply with them. The guidelines have their own standard form, but for each university some supplements are applicable, which must also be respected.

If we consider the situation with the defense of a master’s thesis, it is often possible to do without giving an abstract, depending on the specifics of the report. But it is impossible to do without a review, because it is considered mandatory for a reviewer to write it.

Thus, without the help of a reviewer in writing such a document can not do. We smoothly approached the question of who should write reviews. For this purpose, a certain person is initially established, whose activity is directly connected with the work of the dissertation student. The reviewer may be a person with a degree, which belongs to the department of the applicant. But there are cases when a reviewer is selected from another school or organization.

The selection of the reviewer also fit thoroughly. He must be an educated person and competent in those issues that are directly related to the writing of a scientific dissertation. The presence of this person’s degree is required.

There are several steps to writing a review, which should be followed in compiling this document.

In the first place in the review is considered exactly the subject of study, which received attention in the work. This item will serve as a kind of introductory part, as it will be written about the data of the applicant and the topic of work.

The next item in the work will be to determine the relevance of the topic for science and humanity. Evidence of relevance must be exactly the facts that are considered indisputable. At the same time, relevance should be directly related to the topic of work, that is, with the first item of the review. After providing the facts about the relevance of the subject matter and research in general, it is necessary to show the course of actions that led the author of the thesis to a particular conclusion. This item will be presented with a kind of thesis that will show the main idea of the work.

After the main points, a brief job description is included in the review. For ease of description, you should use the general work plan that was used to draw up the general concept of the thesis. Thus, this item will be a general presentation of all the work on which the author worked.

The next stage is considered specific to the review. This item includes a job evaluation. It is written on behalf of the reviewer. His task will be to describe all the main points that the author has considered, and also to reveal in them a certain significance, or inaccuracies, which later will influence the outcome of the thesis defense.

In conclusion, a summary should be given, which is also linked to the point of assessment. Since the main purpose of the review will be considered exactly a review, then in its final part it should be focused on that.

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