The master’s work plan is the initial stage of preparation. Most often it includes the following items:

  • Work content or content
  • The term for writing each chapter
  • Research results
  • Results display form
  • Evaluation of the supervisor

Drawing up a master’s thesis plan is a kind of system analysis of work. Such a plan is written together with the supervisor, or the master writes it himself, and then confirms it with the supervisor.

Your plan may have versioning so that you do not get confused in which particular variant you made changes. The first version of the plan should be a draft and reflect the main goal of your work. At this stage, the name and content of each chapter should be clearly considered. For each of the chapters, you can provide a list of basic questions that are planned to sanctify.

The final version of the plan should be as simple as possible. At the same time, it is not necessary to limit your creative zeal in drawing up the points of the plan. If you make any changes to the plan, this may be due to the adjustment of the thematic area of work after a detailed study of the area under study. It may also be due to the lack of materials in the area under study.

The reason for adjusting the plan may be finding out new details of the problem under study. But it must be remembered that all innovations should be of scientific interest. It is assumed that during the writing of the work you can go on student trips to the company you are writing about. The plan should certainly include this.

One of the last points of the plan will be the conduct of research and examination, as well as pre-defense.

As soon as you draw up a final version of the plan, you must approve it with your manager. It is also advisable to apply to the work a simplified version of the thesis. It may be non-unique, but it must be something like a “skeleton” of the dissertation. Pay attention to the terms of writing each of the chapters. This should be clearly indicated in the plan, and your teacher will put a signature on each date.

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